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Here you can download our logos and press images for web and print. If you are missing something or need help, contact us.

It is not permitted to change, distort or change the color of the logos in any way. They may only be used for purposes approved by Svensson Group. The logos may be resized, enlarged or reduced, as long as they retain their proportions.

Media contact

Thomas Erixon: VD / MD

Direct: +46 346 56903


Logotype Svenssons Group

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Logotype Svenssons Group inv

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Thomas Erixon VD / MD

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Logotyp Svensson Group jpg

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Logotyp Svensson Group jpg

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Wooden drums

Can be used for all types of cables, wire, optical fibre cable, profiles, umbilicals, plastic hose, rope.

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Plywood drums

Plywood drums are suitable for installation cable, optical fibre cable, wire, thinner plastic hose.

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Plastic drums

Plastic drums are used primarily for textile band, rope/hawser, line, hose, cable and wire.

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Steel drums

We supply drums for delivery/export, machine drums, offshore drums and reels.

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