Svensson Group Sweden

Hamnvägen 1
311 32 Falkenberg, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0) 346 – 569 00

Gustav Svensson


Direct: +46 346 569 24

Mail: gustav.svensson@svenssongroup.se

Magnus Falkehag

Sale Manager

Direct: +46 346 56902

Mail: magnus.falkehag@svenssongroup.se

Fredrik Börjesson


Direct: +46 346 56904

Mail: fredrik.borjesson@svenssongroup.se

Wooden drums

Can be used for all types of cables, wire, optical fibre cable, profiles, umbilicals, plastic hose, rope.

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Plywood drums

Plywood drums are suitable for installation cable, optical fibre cable, wire, thinner plastic hose.

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Plastic drums

Plastic drums are used primarily for textile band, rope/hawser, line, hose, cable and wire.

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Steel drums

We supply drums for delivery/export, machine drums, offshore drums and reels.

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