The largest drum recycler in the Nordic region

Because we have a presence across large parts of Sweden, and in Norway and France, we have the resources to help you handle recycled drums efficiently. We receive, collect, repair and sell recycled drums in line with Selcable's prices and conditions.

Recycling drums

We recycle drums for many companies, large and small. Over the years we have built up a great deal of knowledge concerning how to recycle used drums. We assist customers with transport, repairs and debits/credits for drums that can be recycled.

We also maintain and manage Kanban inventories for several of our customers. This means that the customer keeps a Kanban inventory on their site, and we ensure there is always an agreed number of drums available in this inventory, without the need to order repeatedly from us. We maintain the agreed stock level with recycled drums and top these up with new ones as needed.

Different recycling paths require different solutions. We will be glad to sit down with you and discuss a solution that suits your specific needs.

Sell us your recycled drums

Wooden drums

Can be used for all types of cables, wire, optical fibre cable, profiles, umbilicals, plastic hose, rope.

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Plywood drums

Plywood drums are suitable for installation cable, optical fibre cable, wire, thinner plastic hose.

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Plastic drums

Plastic drums are used primarily for textile band, rope/hawser, line, hose, cable and wire.

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Steel drums

We supply drums for delivery/export, machine drums, offshore drums and reels.

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