Packaging and cable protection

Svensson Group provides the necessary accessories for all types of cable handling, including end caps, corrugated plastic and wooden lagging. We will be glad to help you decide which accessories are most suitable for your process.

End caps

We stock a standard range at our warehouse in Falkenberg and can therefore deliver with a short lead time.


Used to protect the product from the drum flanges. Available in various shapes, including half-moon and quadrants. Supplied fixed to the drum or separately for later application.

Corrugated plastic

Used to protect the flanges and the wound cable on the drum. Can be supplied in sheet form or as a roll of the desired width.

Wooden lagging

Traditional protection for cable on drum. This is nailed to the edge of the drum or inserted into a special profile on steel drums or steel-sheathed wooden drums.

Wooden drums

Can be used for all types of cables, wire, optical fibre cable, profiles, umbilicals, plastic hose, rope.

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Plywood drums

Plywood drums are suitable for installation cable, optical fibre cable, wire, thinner plastic hose.

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Plastic drums

Plastic drums are used primarily for textile band, rope/hawser, line, hose, cable and wire.

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Steel drums

We supply drums for delivery/export, machine drums, offshore drums and reels.

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