Buyback price list Nässjö

Payment levels for delivery to Nässjö

Classification rules for recycled wooden drums

100% – Drum is free from defects (only re-tightening of bolts is required)

80% – K12 and higher, max. one defect

60% – K6–7 max. one defect, K8–11 max. two defects. Others, max. three defects

K26, K28 and K30 are only bought back by agreement.

Delivery address Nässjö

Svensson Wire and Cable Packaging AB
Nässjö Vallgatan 5, inside the Draka Kabel site

The consignment note must clearly state the full name and address, and if this is the first time, the form must also be included, or returned by fax or e-mail. If full documentation is not provided the buyback amount will not be paid out and the drums will be considered as forfeit.

Payment terms: 60 days net

Delivery terms: Free to any of our warehouses (the supplier is always responsible for freight costs)

Buyback price list for wooden cable drums, 01/02/2019, Nässjö

K 6 105 kr - 63 kr
K 7 136 kr - 81 kr
K 8 187 kr - 112 kr
K 9 243 kr - 145 kr
K 10 356 kr - 213 kr
K 11 407 kr - 244 kr
K 12 686 kr 548 kr 411 kr
K 14 857 kr 685 kr 514 kr
K 16 1 312 kr 1 049 kr 787 kr
K 18 1 610 kr 1 288 kr 966 kr
K 20 2 205 kr 1 764 kr 1 323 kr
K 22 2 861 kr 2 288 kr 1 716 kr
K 24 3 429 kr 2 743 kr 2 057 kr
K 26 7 692 kr 6 153 kr 4 615 kr
K 28 8 937 kr 7 149 kr 5 362 kr
K 30 10 058 kr 8 046 kr 6 034 kr

The following drums are scrapped

  • Drums affected by rot (does not apply to customers for cable works if there are no signs of rough handling)
  • Broken flanges
  • Drums not manufactured according to Swedish standard (also applies to “home-made” drums)
  • Painted, oily or sticky drums and very dirty drums
  • Trash in the drum
  • Drums that clearly do not meet the strength requirements
  • Sharp or hard objects in the core
  • Spindles that are damaged or deformed
  • Drums from K6 to K7 that have two or more defects
  • Drums from K8 to K11 that have three or more defects
  • Drums from K12 to K30 that have four or more defects
  • Drums with steel cores will only be accepted by agreement.

For drums that still have cable on, an hourly rate will be charged for unwinding plus a disposal fee for the cable.

Disposal fee

Because we have to pay a disposal fee for scrapping drums, a fee will be charged as follows:

K 6-9 96 kr
K 10-14 216 kr
K 16-20 540 kr
K 22-24 696 kr
K 26-30 1296 kr

Save unnecessary freight costs and dispose of your own damaged drums. We reserve the right to refuse deliveries from any company that is not a customer of a cable works.

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